My life an Open Book :)
My name is Emilia and I am a 21 year old girl from San Antonio, Texas USA currently living in Germany.

I speak English, Spanish, and German.

I like to travel in my spare time, eat chocolate and buy things I can't afford... but hey I only live once.

20th Birthday in Berlin, Germany
Moving to Europe at the age of 19

When I was 19 I decided that I didn’t  want to live a typical life like everyone I knewI didn’t want to graduate high school attend college get married, and have kids. I didn’t want to graduate high school and enter the work force. I wanted to live a life that would be truly meaningful in my eyes. I wanted to live a life that would teach me lessons that I would be able to share with mychildren and grandchildren. Instead of following the typical cliche of an average person, I decided I would venture out and move to Europe.

This is the story of my life in Europe.

Venlo, The Netherlands

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